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Green Kryptonite

Kryptonite is a radioactive mineral from  Supermans home planet krypton.And are mostly found in smallville,kansas  they come in more "flavours" said lex luthor.  


Natural varieties of Kryptonite appear in a crystalline form of varying sizes ranging from dust to large chunks in the case of Green, Red and even Blue kryptonite. Both the natural and synthetic variants glow a bright colour in the presence of Kryptonians or Kryptonian related organisms.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kryptonite is most commonly found in a dark green form, but exists in several varieties designated by color. Each type affects Kryptonians differently, though green, red, blue and gemstone kryptonite can have dramatic effects on humans as well.

Natural Kryptonite

This are four kryptonites that occur naturally

Green kryptonite:

Emits a radiation super poisenes to kryptonatians and krypton related organisms it weakens kryptonatians.Clark admitted that exposure to kryptonite hurts more than broken ribs.

Red Kryptonite:brings out the rebellious and immoral personality of Kryptonians and rids them of most of their inhibitions. The effects of red kryptonite are likened to that of being under the influence of too much alcohol, without the loss of physical capability.
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Red Kryptonite


Blue Kryptonite

Blue Kryptonite:suppresses Kryptonian powers, making them vulnerable like a mortal. Also appears to contribute to human health. However, the effects of this kind of kryptonite disappear by ceasing to be in contact with it.