Smallville 10x16 - Conner Kent Has A Crush On Lois

Smallville 10x16 - Conner Kent Has A Crush On Lois


Connor Kent

Connor Kent  based on the designation Cognitional Neuroplastic Replicant (or CNR for short), is a Human/Kryptonian hybrid clone made from half of Clark Kent's DNA and half of Lex Luthor's DNA. Prior to his genetic origins being discovered, he called himself Alexander "Lex" Luthor while being originally designated LX-15.

After one of Lex's clones destroyed Cadmus Labs, Alexander survived thanks to Tess Mercer. Tess took Alexander in the hopes of keeping him off the same tragic path Lex had gone down. But when Lex's genetic memories manifested in Alexander, Tess locked him in Cadmus, from which Alexander managed to escape. Months later, Lionel Luthor found Alexander in Suicide Slums where he took Alexander by his side to help him rule the Luthor dynasty. But Alexander came to reject Lionel as well as Lex's hatred towards Clark and Tess and accepted Tess' love for him once more. It was discovered that he is a hybrid clone of Clark and Lex and possessed Clark's powers. Clark trained Conner to control his powers and invited him to join the Kent family.

Physical ApperanceEdit

Much like Lex, Alexander shares the same appearance as him when he was as a child and as a teenager even down to Lex's red hair and dark green eyes. [1]Alexander/Lex as an unstable "teenager" with Lex's memoriesAdded by UltimatexWhen his existence was discovered as a "small child", he originally wore a blue patient outfit like Lex's clones. After Tess saved him from Cadmus' explosion, Alexander wore casual dress cloths. As a "pre-adolescent", his attire slightly changed into a private school-like fashion. However, he drastically changed into Lex's typical fashion to the point where he shaved his head to resemble Lex (but his red hair later grows back as Alexander was never irradiated with Green kryptonite radiation like Lex). As a "teenager", Alexander had first wore street clothes as he lived in Suicide Slums for a while. After Lionel found him, Alexander changed his clothes into a more defined version of Lex's attire. [2]Conner while under Clark's guidanceAdded by UltimatexWhen his Human/Kryptonian DNA fully manifested, he began to take on the appearance of Clark such as his black hair and also had slowed in his aging, thus looking like Lex when he was a teenager but with Clark's black hair. At first he wore a black t-shirt with a gray shirt underneath, blue jeans and brown farmer boots. After learning of his half-Kryptonian nature and Clark's mentoring, Conner wears a black short-sleeved shirt with a red House of El symbol printed on the chest which he keeps tucked into his blue jeans with a brown belt, and a red and black plaid buttoned shirt on top of the t-shirt, which is the costume of Superboy in the comics. When Conner was radiated with Red kryptonite thanks to Lionel, he wore a Black Leather Jacket, a red hoodie underneath, a black shirt underneath, black jeans and black shoes.


During early development, Alexander's personality seemed to be growing in a very similar manner as Lex's originally developed, only at a highly accelerated pace. As a result, he was possibly more dangerous than Lex was because all of Lex's memories served as a primary influence for his growth. When first found by Tess, he was shy, easily frightened, and rather sweet. He seemed to grow easily attached to Tess, and even professed to love her for her kindness. However, as he aged, Lex's memories and feelings began to manifest. Although he seemed to really appreciate Tess' attempts at kindness initially, he started to pull away from her, becoming secretive, manipulative and even cruel. He seemed able to pinpoint Tess' own insecurities and then preyed on them without any effort. He also had begun to develop Lex's obsessive fixations on the House of El symbol and more importantly his dislike of Clark, who he deems to be evil and betrayed him. However, after feeling betrayed by Lionel, Alexander came to once again accept Tess's love and set aside Lex's enmity with Clark.

When his manifestation of Clark's DNA begins and turns him into Conner, he begins to display many of the same characteristics as Clark's personality, such as his sense of justice, a strong attraction to Lois Lane (Clark's fiancée); and kindness, as well as remorse over his mistakes, but retained Lex's educational learning.

While under the influence of red kryptonite, Conner's personality resembles a hybrid of Kal and Lex.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Solar battery-Conner was created with a sample of Clark's blood, and it's likely that his powers are also gained by absorbing solar energy, like full Kryptonians.
  • Invulnerability-Conner is mostly resistant to both physical and mental types of harm. This ability first manifested when Tess tried to stab him with a needle filled with cyanide and (while still as Alexander) it bent on contact
  • Super strength- Conner is much stronger than any ordinary human regardless of their age, height, and weight. He can lift objects hundreds of times his own weight (including small cars and tractors) and break through stone walls with ease. This ability first manifested when he used it to pick up a tractor and during a fight with Clark, he threw him into an upper loft with a single-handed strike. Despite his strength, he is incapable of truly harming Clark due to his young age and (possibly) half-human heritage; him being only as strong as Clark had been as a teenager, if not slightly less. 
  • Super speed- Conner is much faster than any ordinary human, though due to his age he doesn't appear to be as fast as Clark. He is faster than a speeding bullet; able to run up to a hundred miles per hour and cross a room almost faster than the human eye can see. His mind also works many times faster than humans' are capable of, able to catch bullets in mid-air before they hit him, or anyone else. 
  • Heat vision-Conner can release intense heat and shoot intense fire beams out of his eyes first by sexual stimulation, then by will. This ability first manifested while he was observing Lois' beauty, which aroused him. It was surprisingly strong compared to teenage Clark's heat vision. At first he could only use it in large, destructive bursts, but was able to master it in order to save Clark from kryptonite
  • Super hearing-Conner can hear sounds, pitches, and frequencies that humans cannot. Conner overheard Clark and Tess talking about him being half-Lex. 
  • Healing factor- Conner can heal from virtually any injury very quickly; Clark mentions that Conner's Kryptonian DNA cured his rapid-aging once Conner's powers activated, showing that his healing also repairs genetic damage and defects.


Due to his Kryptonian DNA, Conner is vulnerable to kryptonite.

He was shown to be vulnerable to the following types of kryptonite:

  • Green Kryptonite
  • Red Krytonite